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I am pleased to present the project that ARIAS MEDICAL FOUNDATION has created within the educational project which is the Scientific Institute of Education (ICES). This institution currently offers a degree in physical therapy and was born from the growing need in the care of people with a disability either by birth, acquired, injured, or degenerative or by different diseases such as COPD, cancer, and more recently the COVID-19. Today we have ten generations behind us, including professionals who have excelled at the professional level and are highly trained.

Currently, the whole world is facing a pandemic which came unexpectedly 24 million people were infected worldwide, in Mexico, we have 574 thousand confirmed cases, of which 822 thousand people have died worldwide and 62 thousand cases of death in Mexico, these are alarming figures these infections involve loss of jobs, serious emotional and psychological conditions and ICES is concerned about these figures. Our Institute can support the population that suffers from this disease through Cardio-Respiratory Therapy, our students are highly trained to increase lung capacity, strengthen all the muscles associated with our respiratory system, promote blood circulation.


In these difficult times for the world, physiotherapists are essential and fundamental, that is why the Scientific Institute of Higher Education feels committed to providing the necessary support, offering personalized counseling in a virtual way to any person who needs it. Through this counseling, exercise routines, recommendations, and indications to carry out Cardio-Respiratory Therapy will be provided. We are also aware that the effects are not only physical but also emotional and psychological, for this reason, we also provide counseling and emotional support for all these people going through difficult situations in front of the COVID-19. All counseling will be provided through an online platform where we will have physiotherapists students ready to provide advice to anyone who requires it either individually or even advice to hospitals or clinics that require it, I appreciate all your attention and time.

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