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The world is currently experiencing a major global pandemic. An international public health emergency that has affected large numbers of people.

In ARIAS MEDICAL FOUNDATION, we are deeply concerned about the alarming levels of spread and severity, so we have implemented health and safety measures and protocols in our services to mitigate the threat this virus poses to the population.

Aware of the situation that affects the world socially, economically and psychologically, ARIAS MEDICAL FOUNDATION has contributed to providing information in mass media such as social networks and in news programs in an early manner to reduce the spread of the virus, with the objective that people learn to use the mask correctly, to carry out the social distancing, to know the adequate procedure to wash their hands frequently with water and soap, as well as to adopt respiratory hygiene measures.

The world is living a pandemic that is killing thousands of people, this pathology is presented by a series of circumstances and has spread because of the irresponsibility of people since the necessary measures have not been taken in time. ARIAS MEDICAL FOUNDATION offers the best specialized medical services according to the needs of each patient. Our personalized service is based on equity, ethics, and humanism, which allows us to correct health problems.

For this reason, ARIAS MEDICAL FOUNDATION is working with scientific information that has been made known through a series of releases by TV Azteca, in which it informs about preventive measures to avoid COVID-19 as they are: the proper use of mouthwash and alcohol-based disinfectant, when coughing or sneezing cover your mouth with a bent elbow or handkerchief, keep at least one meter away from other people, avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth, as the virus can spread on surfaces and you can run the risk of becoming infected, and guidance for all those who are suffering the consequences of the pandemic.

ARIAS MEDICAL FOUNDATION intends, together with the Scientific Institute of Higher Education (ICES), to create a support platform COVID-19, which will be carried out through an ambulance fully equipped to perform respiratory and physical therapy, massage therapy, electrotherapy, medical consultations, transport of medicines, work teams, patients, therapists, and specialized doctors. 

What is happening in the world is real, we are living an international contingency, we have the solution to avoid the coronavirus, and the solution is to make people aware to follow the biosecurity protocols and they can reduce the spread. To be healthy is a mission that we must consider since we have use of reason.

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