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Covid-19 Mexican Statistics

Actualizado: 20 ago 2020

National General Information:

According to the data available on 18 August 2020, Mexico has surpassed France in terms of the mortality rate for COVID19. In effect, according to the data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, with the 57,774 deaths that have been confirmed by the COVID19 , Mexico would have an approximate mortality rate of 456 deaths per million inhabitants, an indicator that exceeds the data recorded in France, where it is estimated at 454 deaths per million people.

To date, Mexico continues to be the third country with the highest number of deaths, surpassed only by the United States of America and Brazil. India is already fourth in the magnitude of death from the pandemic; and in one or two weeks it will overtake our country in number, although not in the cited rate indicator.

Among the 10 with the highest mortality

With these data, Mexico ranks as the twelfth or tenth country with the highest mortality rate from the disease that generates the SARS-COV-2 virus, depending on the list of countries considered. Thus, it is important to say that among the 12 countries with the highest mortality rates, there are four in Latin America: Peru, where the rate is around 821 deaths per million inhabitants; Chile, with 561 deaths per million people; Brazil with 518 per million; and Mexico, with the aforementioned indicator of 456 deaths per million people.

As a last point, it is important to say that, according to some experts, a measurement that would allow to show with more precision the management of the pandemic, would imply to remove from the list San Marino and Andorra, which have populations lower than 100 thousand inhabitants; if that exercise were carried out, in fact Mexico would have the tenth highest mortality rate in the world.

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