We are a non-governmental, non-profit institution that works for the good of the Bolivian society since 2014 when Dr. Luis René Arias Villarroel, a specialist dedicated and supported by years of experience, took his vast knowledge and vocation of service in the field of Phlebology and Lymphology to different places in the country with legal purposes to the health of Bolivian families and without the purpose of obtaining monetary benefits.


The Arias Medical Foundation provides care to patients who do not have sufficient economic resources to pay for the appropriate treatment for their condition.

The team of ARIAS MEDICAL FUNDATION headed by Dr. Luis Rene Arias Villarroel heals and prevents complications of lower extremities due to venous insufficiency, lymphedema, lipodermatosclerosis and venous ulcer.


Some of the Bolivian cities benefited by the health caravans sponsored by Arias Medical Foundation are; Santa Cruz, La Paz, El Alto, Cochabamba, El Beni, Santa Ana de Yacuma, Trinidad, Guayanamerin etc.

In all of the above, attention is given to women and men belonging to vulnerable groups, that is, people with disabilities, the elderly, and the indigenous population who present some degree of peripheral vascular insufficiency and who, beyond their poverty, live in situations of risk.

For ARIAS MEDICAL FOUNDATION to continue promoting the improvement of these pathologies, reducing amputation rates, giving patients quality of life is a priority.


Due to the great need and the positive impact that our help has generated in the quality of life of our beloved Bolivian patients, the volume of people who demand our treatment has grown. We see the need to ask for national and international collaboration to achieve our objectives, since unfortunately the number of requests for support exceeds the capacity of our beloved foundation. We request resources for special equipment such as doppler, translumination and twenty viewer to have easy access to the deep venous system of the patients.


Thanking you for your collaboration and hoping that together we can make this project a reality, Dr. Luis Rene Arias Villarroel and the entire team of ARIAS MEDICAL FOUNDATION say goodbye..


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